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Will there be large, walking battlemechs in the future?

Much as I love the games, I really don't believe there will be massive battlemechs like in the games.

If you can build a 100 tons mech with a fusion reactor to power it, you would almost certainly be able to build a large, heavily armored VTOL which would be a more effective weapon system because it is faster, more maneuverable and can get places a mech can't.

A large slow moving battlemech would present an easy target on the battlefield, even today's smart weapon systems would have a good chance against them. They would face similar problem to capital ships today, with the proliferation of hypersonic missiles and supercaviting torpedos. Too slow and too big..

Battlearmor will certainly develop. Even in the early 21C we see this developing with the armor that troops wear now. It's not hard to imagine the armor becoming active and containing in built weapons and defense systems in the future.

Walking remotely or autonomously controlled robot droids are likely, but they are likely to be of a more human scale.





By CD Xbow, Metal Commander, House Euphrates