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1 Campaign

The single player is short and not too difficult.

2 Local Xbox Multiplayer.
Local Xbox is 2 player split screen. You and your friend sitting next to you can play against each other in various games or can play the game type called "Grinder" which allows you to play against the computer to see how many mechs you can kill without dying. Only local Xbox can play grinder.

3. System Link Multiplayer.
System link is very similar to Xbox live. It is true multiplayer over your LAN. There are 2 known ways to play system link over the internet. They are Gamespy Arcade and Xbox Connect.

4. Xbox Live
Xbox live is multiplayer where you can actually talk to the person you are playing with. It has virtually no lag and is a lot of fun to play. There is also downloadable content. When you buy xbox live, you can download new mechs, maps, game and weapons! Read More>>

Basic Game types:

Destruction- Every man for himself. The player with the most kills wins. Try to stay out of huge crowds of mechs. Stay back and snipe weak mechs with your Gauss Rifle.

Team Destruction- Like destruction except with teams.

Last man standing- you only have one life. Once you die, you are out of the game. Try to stay back from every body and snipe people.

Team last man standing- Last man standing except with teams. Gang up on people to kill them faster.

Not it! - One person is "it". All the rest of the people have to kill the person who is "it". If the person who is "it" kills somebody, then that person gets a point. If someone who is not "it" kills the person who is "it", that person becomes the new "it".



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