Basic Briefing

Welcome to the 31st Century and the wonderful world of MechAssault. As an elite member of Wolf's Dragoons, you get to pilot a 50+ ton Mech loaded with weapons and destructible terrain. What could be more fun!

In MechWarrior, humanity has spread through the Galaxy, with warring clans and alliances leading to an incredibly complex and violent Universe. A good description of the last 1000 years of Terran history is found here. The game is only loosely based on the Mechwarrior, and probably doesn't need to be at all.

Mechassault has a short but functional single player mode, called the campaign. This is really a warm up for the various multiplayer modes, including the awesome Xbox Live for online play. Mechassault was the launch game for Xbox Live.

Basic Briefing

Mission Details

Interestingly, the original version was one of the 3 games that, with the help of Action Replay, can hack into an unmodified Xbox. The other two being Splinter Cell and Agent Under Fire.

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