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Xbox Live is a means to connect Xbox's together via a broadband internet connection and play multiplayer games online.To play online, you need to have a broadband connection (cable, DSL) and an Xbox Live account. See

Live Play

Once on Live you have a menu with six options:
Quick Match puts you in the first open game it finds.
Optimatch lets you search for games based on type
Host Game, obviously, lets you host a game.
Friends shows your friends list.
Download Content lets you download new content

Types of Games on Live

Destruction - Every man for himself.
Team Destruction - Same as Destruction, but  teams.
Last Man Standing - You only get one Mech, and try to destroy everyone else and be the last Mech alive.
Team Last Man Standing -  as above, but with teams.
Not It - One Mech starts the game as 'it' - they have a yellow arrow over their head. Find whose it by looking for the yellow arrow on the edge of the radar.Winner is the Mech that has the most kills while it

General Tips

Press and hold the black button to talk to only your team.

Unplugging the mike does not prevent dropping.

At least play Grinder before you go online, and learn the controls.

You will suck when you are new. Accept it. It's ok. Don't trash talk.

While playing online does present anonymity, you should always respect your fellow gamers.

Try out each Mech to find the one you like.

Everyone was a newbie at one time. Unless they are idiots or rude help them.

Elementals are fun to play around with with friends, but you should probably not use them online.

Don't stand on top of or near destructible buildings.

When hosting, stay in the game until it is finished.

If you have to leave in the middle of a game, its fine, but make sure to give a reason.

Don't camp spawn points.

Unless they don't grab them after killing, powerups are the person who killed the Mech's.

Don't switch between enemies. Attack one until he is dead or you are.

In not it, killing people who aren't it serves no point unless you are it.

Unless you are only playing the game with your friends, NEVER use a voice filter, it just annoys people.

When hosting, be courteous. Wait until people are ready, and realize your room might not fill up right away.

To counter Mad Cats and other PPC Mechs, get in close to them and circle. It makes it harder for them to lock on to your Mech.

To avoid missiles, step to the side then move forward when they curve toward you.

Especially n Team modes, there is no such thing as kill stealing.


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