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Class: Scout Mech 
Armour: 2714
Weight: 35 tons
Speed: 50 kph/32 mph
Torso Rotation :
 Ballistic: MG x2
Energy: PPC x 1
Missiles: SRM x 2
Defensive/Special: h
Null Signature ( lasts 30 s recharges 15s
Jump Jets 5 s of lift off, recharges in 3s

Salvage Value: 1200 NO UPGRADES



'The puma is the most underestimated mech in the game. When I play seriously I can do more damage and wreak more havoc than anyone could possibly imagine. I believe it is the most versatile mech in the game. When I got this game back in December along with xbox live, I was so excited. I remember looking through the handbook trying to find the best mech (at that time I did not know I would fall in love with scout mechs and their challenge of play.) So I was like, "give me something beastly." I turn the very next page and what do I see? A Mad Cat! I was like "this sounds pretty cool." I was playing it on live (after an hour of offline, just get to feel the game, practice) and people kept whining about my cheap mech. That was so funny back then, I had no concept of what target jamming actually was, "why is my mech flashing?" So I moved on to other mechs for the first few weeks, and learned warhammers extremely well, playing the prometheus, bowman, kit fox, and summoner. People continued to whine when i used the big mechs, so I decided from that moment on, to make them pay for poking fun at my "no skill" mechs. This was the birth of "THE WRATH OF THE PUMA" (now you all see where wrath comes from)'

  From the Puma Guide, by  Riposte101



By CD Xbow, Metal Commander, House Euphrates